The Kosher Private Chef Miami Culinary Tour

Families like to discuss and enjoy Folklore Culinary art with their families and friends, so you can imagine how excited we were when we discovered that the “The Cuban American Museum” in Aventura was exhibiting authentic Cuban food recipes! We love the food and drinks of Cuba, the food from Cuba that has traveled to other countries, and of course the food in the United States. That is the main reason we love to give tours and presentations about Cuban food, but we knew that there are plenty of things for the visitor to learn about food. The first thing that we found out is that not only are there many authentic dishes of Cuban origin, but they are quite tasty too.

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After having a look at the artifacts and books, we decided to try one of the Folklore Culinary Arts classes that we had learned about while on the tour. The instructor was a great lady who also did the cooking class, and this made for some of the best Cuban food we have ever tasted. It was truly an education. Also, one of the things that the curator had mentioned during the tour was that the Artisans are famous for being the ones who set up the display case for the food. This is definitely true.

Our third stop in the Folklore Culinary Arts class was a presentation by Bethany Rader, a self-proclaimed local celebrity, and a Children’s Hospital Aventura Volunteer Nurse. She was absolutely hilarious, and her passion for the arts and our different culinary arts made us want to take another tour. She also pointed out that the folkloric art was taught in the original culture from which it originated and could be found throughout the world. These were great reasons to take another tour of our beautiful Florida City!